1. Is it worth buying Gold covering Jewelry online?
    • For any fashion enthusiast with a limited budget, buying plated jewelry online is worthwhile. You will spend the price of a pure gold jewelry to purchase multiple gold-plated versions of accessories from necklaces and rings to bracelets and watches to enhance the sense of fashion. Although in the future you may end up replacing or re-plating gold, it is still cheaper and more attractive.
          2. Are Gold Plated Jewelry Fake?
    • Gold plated jewelry is not fake, unless someone sells it as pure gold jewelry.
          3. How Long Does Gold Plated Jewelry Last?
    • The fading time mainly depends on the gold plating technique and the wearing condition of each person. If the wearer sweats easily and does not take good care of it, the color may begin to fade within a month or two; if it is properly maintained, the color will begin to fade within half a year to two years.
          4. Can I shower with Gold-Plated Jewelry?
    • NOOOOO!!!!!  After soaking in hot water or sweat, the gold-plated luster of necklaces or earrings will darken or even fade.
          5. How to maintain and clean Gold-Plated Jewelry?
    • Remove the gold-plated jewelry after wearing it every day. It is best to wipe it with a fine flannel, so as to keep the jewelry bright.
    • When not wearing it, wipe the surface gently with cotton cloth or absorbent tissue to remove moisture and dirt from the necklace. Put it in a sealed bag or jewelry box to avoid contact with air.
    •  When doing housework, such as washing clothes, remember to take off the gold-plated ring and bracelet to avoid being corroded by chemicals such as laundry detergent.
    • When storing the necklace in the jewelry box, do not put the gold-plated necklace and other jewelry in the same place, as this will cause the two to rub against each other and damage the gold-plated layer or stain the color of other jewelry.

          6. What is the difference between pave and micro pave?

    • Pave refers to any size stones that are set in the band; micro pave requires all stones be the same size and are generally smaller in weight than the stones used in a pave. The term “micro” refers to the microscope that craftsmen use to cut and place these stones.

          7. What is the difference between 925 sterling silver and sterling silver?

    •  Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals, usually copper. Silver jewelry marked with a 925 is sterling silver jewelry that has been certified to contains 92.5% silver content. Sterling silver is harder than silver and is more suitable for jewelry making. 
           8. What Does 30m or 50m or 100m  Waterproof Mean?
    •  A water-resistance level of 30 meters means the watch can withstand splashes of water. A level of 50 meters means that it can be worn for swimming in shallow depths, but not while snorkeling or scuba diving. 100M Water Resistance: Wearable around sinks, during swimming, poolside diving, snorkeling, but not while jet-skiing or scuba diving.         
           9. What is IPG gold plating?
    • It is plated in a 18k gold color using a process called IPG (Ionic Plating Gold) 18k plated gold is achieved using an electroplating process that coats the item with heavy layers of 18k Yellow Gold and color-treated to display a perfect 14k Hamilton Gold color.
     Note: If the style of your gold plated bracelet is relatively complicated, it is best to go to a professional jewelry store for professional cleaning and maintenance every six months, so that it will always remain fresh and lasting. 
    Warning ⚠
    Some products can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/