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Cook IT- Kitchen Knife Set

Cook IT- Kitchen Knife Set

Cook IT- Kitchen Knife Set

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Knife holder

This 15-piece Cook IT Knife Set offers the sharpness and precision you need in the kitchen. Crafted from high carbon stainless steel and featuring hollow handles, these knives provide superior control, durability and weight balance. The included manual sharpener helps keep knives at optimal sharpness and performance over extended use. Enjoy perfect slices and precise cuts every time.

Kitchen knife set contains all tools you need in the kitchen cutting tasks; suitable for both professional and home use.

The blades are forged by high carbon German stainless steel.

The ergonomic handle provides maximum comfort and precision.

8' Chef knife

Use for Chopping; slicing; dicing and mincing any ingredients.

8' Santoku knife

Use for cutting vegetables or small-sized ingredients.

5' Utility knife

Use for versatile ingredients and even out of cooking purposes.

4.5' Steak knife

Serrated blade use for things with strong tenacity.

8' Slicing knife

Use for slicing wide meat; poultry and fish. Round tips help to prevent piercing the meat when changing the cutting direction.

8' Steel Sharpener

Use for maintaining our knifes' extreme sharpness. Steel material guarantees the longest expiration time for both knife and sharpener.

1pc-8' chef knife
1pc-8' slicing knife
1pc-8' bread knife
1pc-7' santoku knife
1pc-5' utility knife
1pc-3.5' paring knife
6pc-4.5' steak knives
1pc-all-purpose scissors
1pc-8' special steel sharpener
1pc-oak wood knife block
1 x Elegent Gift Box
Weight: 3.29kg/7.94lb
Material: High-carbon stainless steel

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